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Huntsman is one of the world's largest producers of amines, supplying a vast and versatile range of amine-based chemistries for consumer and industrial applications. Our amines are a key ingredient for the manufacture of: catalysts; cement additives; construction materials; cosmetics; detergents; dyes; epoxy curing agents; fuel additives; lubricants; paints, coatings and corrosion inhibitors; metalworking fluids; natural gas treatment; pharmaceuticals; polish; polyurethane foam; shampoo; solvents plus numerous other mass-market and niche applications.

Key product lines within Huntsman's amine family include alkylalkanolamines, ethanolamines, ethyleneamines, morpholine, polyetheramines, PU catalysts and substituted propylamines.

Whatever the requirement and end-use application, our customers benefit from over 40 years of development experience and expertise in amine technologies combined with global production, supply and technical support.

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